History of the world

The world of the Lesandre Chronicles is old and interesting. Created for a previous campaign, the Lesandre Chronicles takes place 400-500 years after The Darkness Wars. For anything to make sense we must go to the beginning.

The Time of Excellence.

The world is earth. It is even our current earth, it is only in the far far future. My time line puts us around the year 25000 AD if this calendar were to still exist. Technology is a living breathing part of society, the world is covered in cities. The populations is over 100 billion people. Science has found answers to all of the hardest questions. Food is created in skyscrapers and distributed through teleportation, medicine is readily available and easily induced due to nano-machines. The population can grow ever upwards due to architectural advancements and the ability to harness light as a solid structure.

Religion has changed, instead of worshiping a non-existent or invisible deity, the populous chooses to idolize specific individuals who have provided ground breaking advancements for the human race. In this are there are only three people that are considered gods. They have invented a device that allows the user to see and manipulate the flows of “magic”.

Dubbed a “channel” this device is attached to the base of the neck and grows, through the use of nano-bodies, to mesh itself with the spine and brain stem. Eventually over time threading itself through all parts of the body making itself one with the user.

Only one million people were chosen to become “Channels”, these individuals were chosen for their intellect, imagination, and solid grasp on humanity. Instantly all Channels were raised to celebrity status and tasked with creating a harmonious humanity. No small feat given the nature of all humans.

Eventually, the channels had children. An unforeseen side-effect of the channel was noticed early on in the child’s life. They could manipulate the flows of magic without a channel. Called “naturals”, they were at first welcomed by society, helping their parents and gladly standing in their shadow. Together the Naturals and the Channels created the Pinnacle of Creation. Harmony however did not last.

The War.

Only 200 years after the creation of Channels; the Naturals, who had an extended life-span due to their affinity with magic, were no longer a small sub-set of people with magical powers, but an ever growing population. The world at large started to look down on the Naturals. There was a sense of disdain that every normal person had for them. They were over-shadowing the magnificence of the Channels.

After a while, a group of Naturals who had descended directly from the most influential and prestigious Channels were urged by their followers to do something about the situation. After many long and arduous meetings and conversations the majority vote, decided on drastic measures. Deciding that they must prove themselves as the more powerful magic users the majority voters decided on a war. The channels being tasked with a harmonious humanity would never agree to a war or a show of power unless a catalyst pushed them over the edge. They were after all only human.

The 300 year war was a horrible affair, billions died, and towards the end only seven Channels were still alive. These being the most powerful and having the best grasp on their abilities, the war came to a stand still. Deciding that nothing would be resolved, the final seven decided their best course of action would be to attempt to travel through time, to just before the catalyst and stop the war from happening. And so, after years of calculations and magical experimentation, Jonathan Quickspell was elected to stop the catalyst.

The Dark Years.

After years of waiting in the Pinnacle of Humanity, there was no sign of a change. Fearing Johnathan was dead the Channels tried to finish the war in whatever way they could. However, without their leader to ground them all, slowly the channels were picked off one at a time until only three remained and went into hiding.

After a anti-climactic victory, the followers of the Naturals took it upon themselves to “cleanse” the world of the technology that spawned the Channels. There is no record of history for the next 2500 years.

The Redawning.

Humanity had recreated itself, now a world powered by magic, that had long forgotten its former technological glory. This world is full of the mystical, dragons abound, monsters are rampant and adventurers travel in seek of glory. It is a dangerous world, but a world that everyone accepts as their own.

The Darkness Wars.

5000 years after the end of “The War” an artifact of great power is discovered by a mysterious dictator. Casting the world in darkness so that his evil demonic minions can have free access to the land. At this point in time, Jonathan Quickspell comes out of his trip through time, discovering that their calculations were off by a bit, and instead of sending him backwards in time they sent him forwards. Meeting up with a woman who looks much like his wife Laura, only more elven the group finds they must stop this man from destroying all life.

Through their adventures the group discovers that that man who calls himself Flice is one of the Channels that survived The War, and he is taking it upon himself to end it once and for all. His plan is to destroy all natural magic and win the war at last.

The group manages to stop Flice and restore a semblance of order to the world.

The Lesandre Chronicles.

400-500 years after the end of the Darkness wars, the battles of those times are talked about as legend, and few still believe, except the handful of beings that were alive at the time.

History of the world

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