Moira 'Vandal' Lanyon-Sufford

A former Barbarian turned Justicar who prizes family above all else


Born to a wealthy couple, Justicar Verrick Lanyon and Evangeline Lanyon, Moria was the jewel of her parents eye until a desert crossing brought tragedy. The caravan that she and her mother were traveling in was attacked by bandits, who slaughtered everyone in sight. Moira was spared by hiding in a overturned wagon.

The young child was found the next morning by the nomadic tribe known as the Lesandre. They took her into their ranks, teaching her the ways of the wild and renaming her ‘Rabbit’ when she refused to speak.

Her childhood and adolescence was lonely due to her aloof nature and refusal to speak. Widely assumed by the tribe to be stupid or slow, little attention was paid to her save for Elder who had an idea of the child’s heritage. He taught her to read in secret and on his insistence she was taught to fight alongside the tribesmen.

It was when she was fourteen that the anger she harbored at a family she could no longer remember and a name that forever escaped her began to show. After a day of constant teasing from the tribe boys, an insensitive comment broke her facade and she attacked her sparring partner fully blinded by a blood rage. She was knocked unconscious by one of the tribes guards before she could kill the boy but after that any trust that she had built with the Lesandre was rendered shaky. A barbarian was a powerful ally, but a barbarian that couldn’t control their blood lust was a danger to everyone.

Receiving her adult name of, ‘Vandal’ after the hyenas that frequently attack the nomadic camps, she was assigned to guarding the tribes camels, far away from the main camp. Her next few years were spent mostly alone, save for a gift from Elder, a sentient greatclub known as Lok. She spent her time contemplating her strengths and honing her abilities, all while watching the fires of a people she traveled with but did not belong to.

It was in her nineteenth summer that rustlers stole a breeding pair of camels and Vandal sought to make amends by finding them. She was slightly taken aback that not only did Elder grant her request but also sent others with her. A tribes guard named Ra’Kael , a halfling rogue called Content Not Found: Belari, and a mad wizard known as Content Not Found: Doric. Together they were sent into the desert with supplies and the rumor of a prophecy that Elder had been keeping secret for years.

Now with a new sense of freedom and the odd yoke of responsibility Vandal found herself easing out of the shell she had built for herself over the years. In the confines of the close knit adventuring group it was discovered that not only could she talk and read but possessed a keen intelligence, when she chose to use it over the violence she preferred.

The routine mission however ended when the camels were discovered being held by a rival tribe and the adventuring group was discovered by the tribe. Oddly, the adventurers were turned in to a group calling themselves the Desert Society, a society that seemed to control the second largest city in the desert, Shallahas. While Vandal was able to escape her captors, the rest of her group wasn’t as lucky. But she ran across a member of the rival tribe, ‘Achmed’. Claiming innocence, the half elf helped Vandal find her friends and then convinced her to sell him into slavery to the city as an escape from their surely dangerous future. With a little help from some timely arson, the group was able to escape Shallahas and the Desert Society. Now they traveled with a purpose, after finding out the treachery of the Desert Society and the rumor that it was poised to take over the entire desert of Manovar.

Their adventure then led them to strange sights and strange people, a tree in the middle of the desert housing an eccentric man who claimed to know their past and their future. As well as an ocean of magic bordering the sands where Content Not Found: Doric trained his magic and his mind. Vandal came into possession at this time of a small desert rabbit that she kept as a pet.

It was in a separate plain of reality that held an endless library that Vandal discovered her past and the family she had lost as a child. Using the only two things she had left from before her time with the Lesandre, a man’s ring bearing a family crest, and a pendant in the shape of a rose that people claimed threw off artifact magic, she was able to trace that her family descended from a great villain of the Darkness Wars. In a bound leather book she traced names until she came to two, Justicar Verrick Lanyon and Evangeline Lanyon. One alive and one deceased, with one daughter between them. Moira Lanyon.

Shaken by the information and the knowledge that her father resided in Shallahas. Moira was torn between staying ‘Vandal’ and remaining with her friends, or becoming the girl she should have been and finding her father. But any decision was interrupted by an attack by the Desert Society

The adventuring group was again captured, this time taken to the capital of the Manovar desert, Tela’ill, and separated, Vandal being sent to the Desert Societies barracks to train as a warrior for their cause. On her own the barbarian took this time to not only keep her eyes and ears open trying to discover what the Desert Society was planning but also to train. Her time in the barracks resulted in her gaining more control over her anger as well as taking her first steps towards becoming a more honed warrior, an actual fighter.

Moira 'Vandal' Lanyon-Sufford

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