Rune Lanyon-Sufford

A shapeshifter with a interest in magic


A very shy shapeshifter or henganyokai, Rune is a ten year old boy when he isn’t in his rabbit form.

Originally from a large but poor family, the harsh desert claimed any members the Desert Society didn’t. In the end Rune and his eldest brother fled their village in hopes to hide in the city of Content Not Found: Shallahas, however the Desert Society captured them and ordered them to be put to death since they weren’t actual proven citizens of the city. His brother fought the guards giving Rune a chance to transform and escape as his brother fell.

He was later found by Moira Lanyon when he crawled into her pack to hide. After finding out he was really a boy, the fighter took him under her wing, essentially becoming a mother to him.

Due to his interest in magic he was chosen by a sect of wizards to essentially be the opposite of Content Not Found: Doric in their society, he was dubbed ‘The Victorious’ and instructed to train to the best of his limits.

He was sent to find her father during the Battle of Tela’ill when Moira feared that she may not survive the oncoming fight. Since then he’s referred to Verrick as his ‘Pappy’, despite his grandfather’s complaints.

After his mother returned victorious from the battle, he was able to be enrolled in the Wizard’s Academy where he currently studies happily.

Rune Lanyon-Sufford

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