Jueles Ferne


Jueles is a follower of Olidammara. He loves life and enjoys going where the wind blows. He enjoys drinking and singing songs. He’s never seen in public without his trusty Ukelele (his favorite instrument, even though he can play many others.)

He found himself dragged into the prophecy by a friend of his who played a prank on him. He got him tied up with the members of “The Revolution.” Once seen in public with the group, he had no choice but to aid in there cause. After aiding the group in putting the rightful king back on the throne, he found himself in a position of some power and influence, but more importantly… Wealthy. He quickly threw this in his friends face and praised Olidammara for the fine twist of fate he had dealt him thew the prank.

Two years later he has found love with his two “wives” (one of which is pregnant) or at least that’s what he calls them. His tavern has become a huge success and he’s started opening more. His wine/brewery is steadily getting more and more orders. But he starts to feel the push of the wind.

Jueles Ferne

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