In a world recently saved from destruction, only they know the true dangers.

“Within the attic of your mysterious teacher’s tree fortress you feel drawn to a rolled up painting. Slowly unrolling it, feeling a sense of anxiety, you are shocked to see yourself and the three others that have been sent on this mission by your tribe’s wise man.”

The Lesandre Chronicles follows the adventures of a prophetic group, the core of which hail from the nomadic Lesandre tribe. Their future dictated and foreseen by an ever changing painting.

Currently the adventurers are of the eleventh level. The campaign taking place in an original world that is based loosely (and I stress loosely) off of earth. See history for more information.

The adventurers have just defeated a brown dragon that was discovered to be plotting to take over the desert that the group calls home.

The Lesandre Chronicles

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